Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cast list for The Rocky Horror Show

Sorry for the delay, everyone.

Thank you to everyone for coming out to audition. You made this a difficult decision.

Our first rehearsal is Monday, February 5 at 3:30 in the Saville Theatre. If you're not able to be there, please send an email to and I know some of you have conflicts which you shared with us, but we still need to hear from you.

Here is the cast list. (Matt will be posting the cast list for the New Play Festival soon.)

Thank you again, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Rocky Horror cast

Usherettes: Tyra Carter & Roxy Camargo
Janet: Alyssa Salacup (understudy: Carly Stacey)
Brad: McKenna (understudy: Quike Moreno)
Narrator: Arturo Ibarra (understudy: Josue Mares)
Riff-Raff: Chris Lingle (understudy: Shane Mayer)
Columbia: Bekah Church (understudy Roxy Camargo)
Magenta: Lauren Lantz (understudy Jessica Bravo)
Frank ‘N’ Furter: Trevor Scott Peringer (understudy Vlad Wong)
Eddie: Mylisa Lewis (understudy Brian Powers)
Dr. Scott: Brian Powers
Rocky: Daniel Sosa-Porter

Jessica Bravo
Roxy Camargo
Tyra Carter
Vanessa Flores
Maggie Jones
Lauren Lantz
Mylisa Lewis
Josue Mares
Shane Mayer
Quike Moreno
Dylan Page
Carly Stacey
Mashun Tucker
Vlad Wong


  1. I am beyond excited that City is doing Rocky Horror, yet I'm devastated as well. City College prides itself on its diversity and inclusion. Theater, in general, is about diversity and where your background is not a limit but an asset to the assemble. It's confusing to see a cast where the majority of the lead roles are being played by people of white ethnicity, and the majority of the ensemble is people of color. There are no rules that dictate that Rocky Horror needs to be played by a white cast, surely there are people of color that can portray these roles. I hope this message pursues the director to reconsider the cast and make it more diverse. These are times where diversity needs to be shown. From one Sweet Transvestite to another, Thank You.

  2. I absolutely agree with what has been written above. Theatre is about diversity and using the imagination to create a new world. But looking at this hurt my heart a little, because if Im not mistaken, this same thing happened in the last show I saw at city. Ive seen the talent that resides in the department and its not only your light skinned students. Im deeply disappointed and hope in the future things change.

  3. I wanted to take a second to respond to the posts here. I am glad that you're excited about Rocky-so are we! I feel a bit under attack, however, regarding the statements about diversity in the above posts. At City College Theatre, we pride ourselves on our inclusion and diversity of all kinds: including race, but also sexual orientation, body type, age, religion, etc.

    Casting is very difficult, and simply put, we cast the person who is best suited for the role, period. There is absolutely no plan to exclude actors of color or to relegate them to supporting roles.

    One of the comments on this blog states that other City College shows have excluded people of color, and I would like to respond to that. Last fall we produced the Chicanx play Electricidad, which featured an entirely Latina/o cast. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, a number of the leads were actors of color. We produced To Kill a Mockingbird in Fall 2016, which featured a multi-racial cast. The New Play Festivals of 2016 and 2017 have utilized many actors of color, and in last spring's musical Chicago, only one of the six leads identified as Caucasian.

    At City College Theatre, we happily invite this kind of discussion. I would be more than happy to meet with the individuals who posted these comments. I encourage an open forum, rather than anonymous comments on a blog.

    --Katie Rodda, Director, The Rocky Horror Show