Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Discount tickets to the Improvised Shakespeare Company

This is a forward from a professor at the University of San Diego:

The Improvised Shakespeare Company will perform at USD's IPJ Theatre on SAT 1 DEC, at 8PM.

If you've never seen an ISC show, believe me: there's nothing like it. I've seen them perform many times (in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago) and I marvel every single time. Their improvisation form is one of the most impressive things you'll ever witness onstage: they ask the audience to make up a title (I once saw an uproariously funny tragedy called "The Jersey Shire") and then the five performers improvise an entire Elizabethan-style play, in iambic pentameter, on the spot – complete with rhymed couplets, sonnets, song, dance, revenge, romance, fairies, star-crossed lovers, tyrannical kings, and other Shakespearean tropes. I don't know if it's going to be a comedy, a tragedy, or a history...I just know it's both the opening night and the closing night. 

One more thing: I guarantee it will be hilarious, from start to finish. 

To book tickets, go to the Eventbrite page... on "Tickets," click on "Enter Promotional Code," and then enter this code: CityCollege.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Free tickets to Cygnet Theatre!

Music, ghosts, and a little redemption.

Adaptation & Lyrics by Sean Murray
Original Score by Billy Thompson

Wed., Nov. 28 @ 7:30PM
Mix and mingle, enjoy a show,
and get festive!
HOW: Visit the box office in person (4040 Twiggs St.)
or call 619-337-1525 to reserve up to two seats.
Bring a valid middle school ID, high school ID,
college ID, or proof of age to the
Box Office when you pick up
your ticket.

Tickets: 619.337.1525

Monday, November 5, 2018

Film audition


Production title: “Dancing With Lions”
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Compensation: Reel, IMDB Credit, Meals and Refreshments
Production Type: Independent
Project length: 10-12 Mins Short (4 Day Shoot)
Schedule: Late Jan/early Feb 2019
Project format: 4k
Production location: San Diego/SoCa

Character BIOS:


Daniel is young male dancer in his late teens/early 20s who struggles through life to achieve his ultimate goal.


Ocean is Daniel’s lover and finds himself in a very difficult position in life. 


 3 tough strong soldiers


[JUDGES] [GENDER: FEMALE, MALE] [ETHNICITY: MULTIPLE] [LATE 30s to Mid 50s] [1 day shoot]

B-ASIAN FEMALE in her mid 40s
C- CAUCASIAN MALE in his late 30s.

2 – 3 Refugees needed AGE? Ethnicity: Any?

Please send us any reels, links of your work that you have to  be considered:  We will hold casting auditions on Nov 18, 2018.
Thank you

And ... that's a wrap!

Congratulations to the cast, designers, and crew of Metamorphoses. This show was like nothing ever experienced on the Saville Theatre stage. (The artistry of yesterday's performance made a certain drama professor bawl her fool eyes out...) Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, their energy, and their spirit in bringing this beautiful show to life.

Lisa Berger, you are a marvel.

To see show photos, please go to You are welcome to download and use them as you wish, but please give credit to photographer Manny Rotenberg.

Next up: auditions for Spring shows on January 31. Rent, the New Play Festival, and Six Characters in Search of an Author (with the University of San Diego).

Watch this space!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Experience the power of transformation

Metamorphoses is now open at the Saville Theatre. Only three performances remain: Friday and Saturday at 8:00 and Sunday at 2:00. 

For tickets, click on the Eventbrite site and get yours in advance (+ small handling fee). Please remember that it is CASH ONLY if you buy your tickets at the box office.

If you would like to see the show for free, please sign up to usher outside of C105.

Photo: Manny Rotenberg

November 13th at 4pm - "Señorita Julia" - The Pacific Playwrights Conference of San Diego

The Pacific Playwrights Conference of San Diego

The Drama Department in coordination with New Fortune Theatre. Amigos del Rep and The Pacific Playwrights Conference is doing a day of staged reading of new plays. This is the third year of the Pacific Playwrights Conference and we need your support.

Our first reading will be Nov 13th at 4pm entitled "Señorita Julia" written by Matthew Salazar-Thompson

SYNOPSIS: In a tragic updated retelling of Strindberg's classic tale of servitude and status, Jose and Christina live under the auspice of Julia and her father, Mr. Warner. Blending themes from "Miss Julie" and Percy Shelly's "Prometheus Unbound" we find that the relationship between a Jewish kept daughter and a Chicano valet escalate to a dangerous consummation in a world that is not ready to accept the differences between class, race, and religion.
With the division our country is currently embroiled in, this piece explores the topic oimmigration and delves deeply into the Chicano models of The American Dream.
This reading is being read on campus of SD City College's Blackbox Theatre, AH 318, Nov 13th at 4pm. We will have a talk back afterwards .
This play is specifically being read during the day in order for students to attend. I am offering my students extra credit for participating, and I hope that you will spread the word.
The reading is free to the public and anyone may attend. There is a website with more information about the Pacific Playwrights Conference of San Diego.

The piece stars Yvette Angelo, Steven Lone, Dave Rivas, Rachael Van Wormer, Syliva Enrique, Lauren Jimenez, BJ Lawrence, Amber Grayson and Faeren Adams.

 The piece runs about 80 minutes.

 Thank you.  Hope things are great!!

WHAT: Señorita Julia

WHO: Pacific Playwrights Conference of San Diego

WHERE: The campus of San Diego City College, Blackbox Theatre (Building AH 318)

WHEN: November 13 - 4-5:30pm