Saturday, July 7, 2018

First look: Fall 2018 poster!

These will be printed and distributed all over campus and beyond! 

Hello to Carly Stacey, Jessica Bravo, Quike Moreno, and Eddy Lukovic.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Audition notice

I have a GREAT High-School mockumentary project Chartered with some recognizable TV faces filming at a BEAUTIFUL high school in Escondido and I need HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT EXTRAS (don't have to be high school aged!!!)
TOMORROW and SUNDAY (7/7 and 7/8) if you're available in ANY block from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM please email your headshot/resume to Deferred pay, food, and credit.

Monday, June 25, 2018

CHANGE in play for Fall 2018

The City College Theatre Department announces a change in its 2018-2019 season of plays. Instead of producing Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman, we will be producing another Zimmerman play: Metamorphoses.

Based on the myths of Ovid, Metamorphoses brings to life such tales as that of Orpheus, who, unable not to look, turns and loses Eurydice forever; King Midas, greedy with his new power, who accidentally turns his daughter to gold with a single touch; and Cupid and Psyche who are united forever by the power of love to conquer doubt.

But here's the kicker: Metamorphoses will be staged in a pool of water. That's right, the Saville Theatre is about to be a splash zone! 

Look below to see images of previous productions, or put "Mary Zimmerman Metamorphoses" in a search engine to get a feel for what the show looks like.

We're thrilled to produce Metamorphoses at City College. It has long been on director Lisa Berger's wish list. It will be a challenge for everyone involved, from the designers to the cast to the crew, but we're up for it.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Film audition

This is a forward from Brandon Shirin, who is a student at City College who filmed the productions of The Rocky Horror Show and Chicago:

We are starting an indie short film and shooting it around mid July.  We are looking for actors to come for auditioning. Can you please forward this message to your former and current actors to come for the auditioning? 

Thank you

I am looking for volunteers a short motion picture project July 14th-15th. IMDB credit will be provided. Please message me or Email me you're if interested.
"Woe Ain't Me"
Genre: Sci Fi / Comedy / Drama
Duration: 7-8 mins
 In a post apocalyptic world, when a group of soldiers run into an obstacle they can’t overcome, they gain hope from the most unlikely of heroes, a wanderer named Woe.
Woe shows them that through perseverance and a positive attitude, the foe that stands before them isn’t so unbeatable.
Character descriptions
Woe: 20-30 something year old male. Small and scraggly. He is a wonderer who isn’t in the best of shape physically.
He is extremely relaxed, with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Ready to take on any challenge with patience and perseverance.
Lee Stoneking: Tall thin, fit male in his 20s. Stoneking is the leader of his group. He knows what should be done, but doubts his own competence to do the job and this results in him being indecisive.
Jeff Arno: Short, bulky, gruff male. Arno appears to be the muscle of the group but is actually a pessimistic doubter who tries to take charge to save his own skin. Whether his battle be of words or fist, he is abrasive and brash.
Earl Kilgore: A gumpy young timid man. While happy go lucky, he is quick to become timid. An identifiable “pushover”. Though towards the end of the story, he bites down on his grit, and must show himself to be a monster while fighting the beast.
J.T. Pew: 20-30s Athletic female. Pew is hiding in a mans world. She is disappointed the comrades she signed up with are not as fierce as she first thought them to be. She is the only one ready to die in battle and this discourages her.
Beast: Male, 20-50s. Very large physically (height and bulk).
A loudmouth, cocky, image obsessed trash talker.
The audition will be Monday morning at 10 am, June 25th in 387 D st, Chula Vista, CA 91910 .


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cuts to fall schedule

Well, it's already happened: we have to cut two classes from our fall schedule. They are:

  • DRAM 107, Study of Filmed Plays, online, August 20 - October 13, taught by Carol Whaley
  • DRAM 132, Beginning Acting, MW 6:30 - 9:30, taught by Teddy Eck
  • DRAM 133, Intermediate Acting, MW 6:30 - 9:30, taught by Teddy Eck

Please bear this in mind when you're planning your schedule for the fall.

We hope this won't inconvenience any of you too much. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Jessica Bravo, Luis Enrique "Quike" Moreno, and Natalia Maggio have all been accepted to UCSD's prestigious Summer Institute for 2018!!!

These lucky students will enroll in and attend two classes at UCSD, live in the dorms, take super cool field trips (all at no cost), make new friends, and jump start their academic careers at UCSD. It's a great opportunity and highly competitive.

(It's kind of a big deal that they all got in. 😃)

Want to learn more about the program, and perhaps apply if you're considering UCSD in Fall 2019? Go here:

Congratulations, Jessica, Quike, and Natalia! We're super proud of you.