Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cast List for A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Congratulations! Casting was a very challenging decision but I am so happy that you are all involved in this wonderful experience. A few things…

1) You MUST email me… to confirm that you have accepted the role. If you do NOT accept the role, please contact me and let me know ASAP.

2) First rehearsal will be Tuesday, August 29 from 3:30-6pm in building AH 418. You MUST be at this rehearsal in order to receive an add code. You must add this class no later that Thursday evening. No exceptions. We will be reading the script, doing cuts, and a few PowerPoints as well as language based work.  If you are going to be late let me know.

3) Our next rehearsal will be August 31 from 5:30-9pm in the Saville Theatre.

4) Please purchase the specific ARDEN edition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from the bookshop. It will be available Monday night. You must use this specific version of the show because of the cuts that I have made. No exceptions. You cannot use any other version of the play. You will not be allowed to rehearse until you purchase the book. I cannot have twenty different versions of the text, so please purchase the book.

5) Questions… email me immediately!

Theseus: Nicholas Laetta
Hippolyta/Fairy TBN: Rukiya Fallihi
Lysander: Noah Wilson
Demetrius: Julian Martinez
Hermia: Kimberly Weinberger
Helena: Samantha Schmidt
Oberon: Andrew Weatherspoon Jr.
Titania: Tyra Carter
Puck: Eddy Lukovick
Nick Bottom: Daniel Sosa-Porter
Egeus/Snug: Brett Morris
Philostrate/Fairy TBN: Tina Atrin
Peter Quince: Aimee Rivas
Francis Flute: Arturo Ibarra
Tom Snout: Eric Pyka
Robin Starveling: Kendall Brunett
Peaseblossom: Rose Yesil / Female Understudy #1
Cobweb:  Luis Moreno /Male Understudy #1
Moth: Zane Stewart / Male Understudy #2
Mustardseed: Lucas Thorton
Oceania: Vladymir Wong
Coral: Sofia Palacios / Female Understudy #2
Pinecone: Bianca Sanchez
Boba Fett Fairy: Herbierto Mares

Thank you all! So great to see so much wonderful, committed actors on the stage at San Diego City College.

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