Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chicago cast list

Hello everyone. Thank you for your hard work last night. You have made this decision very difficult.

If your name appears on the list below, please come to the first rehearsal on Monday, February 6 at 4 p.m. in the Saville Theatre. Everyone is called. We will be going through logistical stuff, reading through the script, singing a little, and discussing scheduling for the rest of the week.

Unless you marked on your audition sheet that you have a conflict for Monday, we will expect to see you there. If you will be absent or late for any reason, please email Katie ASAP at

And please know that many factors went into this decision. Actors' schedules were a huge consideration.

Please don't forget that you will need to enroll in 4 units of DRAM 240A-D. Add codes will be distributed on Monday.

Again, to everyone who came out to audition and who attended callbacks, THANK YOU. 

--Katie, Michael, and Kristin

Roxie: Sae Bluff
Velma: Natalia Maggio
Matron: Tanika Baptiste
Mary Sunshine: Luis Sherlinee
Billy Flynn: Daniel Sosa-Porter
Amos: Roberto Castillo

Cell Block Tango Girls:
June: Tyra Carter
Liz: Rebekah Church (also Roxie u/s)
Hunyak: Carly Stacey
Annie: Taylor Jacob
Mona: Dylan Page
Others: Clarise Rodriguez (also Velma u/s)
          Dunna Muhammad
          Mashun Tucker (also Billy u/s) and Victoria Linder (tango dancers)

Go-to-Hell Kitty: Kristine Franco (also Mama u/s)

Danielle Macatantan
Victoria Linder
Clarise Rodriguez
Dunna Muhammad
Jazzmin Jackson
Kristine Franco
Victoria Linder

"Roxie" Boys and Ensemble
Mashun Tucker
Heriberto Josue Mares
Marina Munoz
Arturo Ibarra
Luis Moreno
Kenny Ha
Vladymir Wong
Roxanna Carmago

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