Thursday, February 2, 2017

Callback List for "Words, Words, Words: 2017 New Play Festival"

Thank you to all of you that came out to audition! Here is the callback list. Please be at the BlackBox Theatre on Friday, Feb 3 (AH 320 at 7:30pm and be prepared to stay until 10pm). If you are on this list please respond to the blog to confirm that you will attend callbacks. Thank you.

Natalia Maggio
John Murphy
Hanin Zayet
Martha Lopez
Roberto Castillo
Rukiya Falliahi
Michille Biddiscomb
Sabrina Bray
Stephanie Robles
Sophia Rose Yesil
Andrea Romero
Rebecca Bryson
Julian Martinez
Stephen Leffler
Daniel Woods
Olha Zimereva
Luis Moreno
Fernando Rodriguez
Rebekah Church
Tina Atin
Camrie Blatnica
Aaron Newbom

Again, thanks to all that came out and auditioned. Please remember to post to this blog to confirm that you are coming to the callbacks. Thanks!


  1. I will be there. - Rebecca Ida Bryson

  2. I will be there- Rebekah Church

  3. I'll be there! -Sophia Rose Yesil

  4. I'll be there, thank you!
    -Martha Lopez