Thursday, August 25, 2016

To Kill A Mockingbird Callback list

Callbacks will be this Sunday, August 28th from 1-4 in the Saville Theater (same place you auditioned).  Please arrive on time, warmed up, and ready to read.  You need only be present during the ASSIGNED time below. PLEASE NOTE: Even if you were not called back, I will need people in the mob and jury scenes.  I will be in touch with you concerning those parts.  Thank you all for your wonderful work tonight!

Steve Leffler
Brett Morris
Bruno Balanzar
Mobin Maalirad

Omar Ramos
Arturo Guerra
Lucas Thornton
Moises Iavome
Robert Delacey

Ariss Fitch
Yasmin Ruiz
Rebekah Church
Sarah David
Stephanie Robles
Camrie Blatnica
Elli Connell
Tina Pakan

Roosevelt Green
Latasheanne Cockhren
Veronica McFarland

Naomi Harris

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