Monday, August 29, 2016

CAST LIST FOR "To Kill a Mockingbird"

A huge thank you goes out to ALL who auditioned and shared with me their art and vulnerability. Below you will find the cast list.  IF YOU ACCEPT YOUR PART YOU NEED TO CONFIRM AND EMAIL ME AT: ASAP! We will have our first rehearsal this Wednesday at 7:00 in the Saville Theater.  At that time you will get your scripts, add codes, rehearsal schedule, and syllabus. Don't forget, once you received your add code, you will need to enroll in DRAM 242 A-C and pay your tuition for the course.  Once again, THANK YOU!


SCOUT:   Catalina Zelles
ATTICUS: Steve Leffler
CALPURNIA:  Veronica McFarland/Latasheanne Cockhern (in rotation)
HECK TATE: Robert Delacy
JUDGE TAYLOR: Brett Morris
BOB EWELL: Zack Andrews
MR. GILMER: Moises iavome
TOM ROBINSON: Roosevelt Green
CLERK: Olha Zimareva
BOO RADLEY: Lucas Thornton

UNDERSTUDIES: Mobin Maalirad, Estefania Mendoza

The roles of REVEREND SYKES (older black man), MISS MAUDIE (older white woman), MRS. DUBOSE (older white woman), JEM (child), DILL (child), and MEMBERS OF THE BLACK CHROUS are pending.  If you know of anyone who missed auditions, but still wants to be considered for a part and would fit into the above roles/description PLEASE LET ME KNOW and give them my email. See you all on Wednesday!

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