Friday, July 22, 2016

Fall classes!

Hi everyone—I hope you’re enjoying your summer. I wanted to let you know about some cool classes we’re offering in the fall. As you may know, the administration is no longer allowing students the two-week add/drop window. If you don’t enroll early, the class you want may be GONE by the time August 22 rolls around. Don’t delay!

Here are some special classes geared toward majors:

  • ·   DRAM 108, Playwriting, MW 9:35 – 11, taught by Matt Thompson. Some of the plays that came out of the last playwriting class were produced as part of the New Play Festival last spring. We’ll be producing the New Play Festival again in March, so if you have interest in writing, sign up for this class—your play might get picked for production!

  • ·   DRAM 123, and 126, Beginning and Intermediate Stagecraft, MW, 12:45 – 3:15, taught by Duane Gardella. This class transfers to SDSU, so you ought to get it out of the way here. Required for the major.

  • ·   DRAM 124, Makeup for the Stage, F 10 – 3:10 or M 4:40 – 10, taught by Andrea Singer. Required for the major.

  • ·   DRAM 132, Beginning Acting, TTh 9:35 – 12:05, taught by Annie Hinton. (She’s awesome, by the way—an Equity actor who has taught acting all over the city.) Required for the major.

  • ·   DRAM 133, Intermediate Acting, MW 11:10 – 1:40, taught by Katie Rodda. Required for the major.

  • ·   DRAM 134, Beginning Voice for Actors, MW 12:45 – 2:10, taught by Matt Thompson. Required for the major.

  • ·   DRAM 143, Beginning Costuming, TTh 12:45 – 3:55, taught by Jeannie Galioto. This class transfers to SDSU, so you ought to get it out of the way here. Required for the major.

  • ·   DRAM 243A, Technical Theatre Practicum—Costume and Makeup, starts Sept. 6, taught by Andrea Singer. This class will center around makeup effects in conjunction with Halloween and Day of the Dead

  • ·   DRAM 243C, Technical Theatre Practicum—Scenic, starts October 17, taught by Duane Gardella. This class will build the City College float as part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade.

We’re also offering sections of DRAM 105, Introduction to Dramatic Arts, DRAM 107, Study of Filmed Plays, and DRAM 109, Theatre and Social Issues. Check the schedule for information.

Get your enrollment taken care of TODAY. We don’t want these classes to be cut. And don’t forget that auditions for the fall shows are on Thursday, August 25 in the Saville Theatre. Good Kids by Naomi Iizuka and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, adapted by Christopher Sergel.

If you have questions about any of this, email me at

Katie Rodda

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