Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fall schedule online!

To see what classes are being offered this semester, check it out at schedule.sdccd.edu/. schedule.sdccd.edu/.

Here are some exciting options:

DRAM 108, Playwriting: M/W 9:35 - 11:00 for three weeks only, then exclusively online. Professor Matt Thompson

DRAM 133, Intermediate Acting: M/W 11:10 - 1:40. Professor Katie Rodda. DRAM 132 is a prerequisite. Required for majors.

DRAM 134, Beginning Voice for ActorsB M/W 12:45 - 2:10. Professor Matt Thompson. Required for majors.

DRAM 143, Beginning Costuming: T/Th 12:45 - 3:55. Professor Jeannie Galioto. Transfers to SDSU.

DRAM 243A, Costume and Makeup Practicum: TBD, first meeting is 9/6. This is to explore and develop special Day of the Dead and Halloween make up. Professor Andrea Singer.

DRAM 243B, Scenic Practicum: TBD, first meeting is 10/17. This class will build the float for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade. Professor Duane Gardella.

Questions? Katie Rodda, krodda@sdccd.edu

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